Venice, I’m coming …

… and so began my first visit to Venice. The city shows its “best” view! At least with a beautiful sunset. But the evening and the night were very different. There was fog!

Fog is not normally what photographers love. But fog in Venice is just great. It gives the city such a unique charm and a wonderfully mystical mood that I had seen the weather forecast of Venice every day before my departure and had been thinking of the mist.
And there it was. Of course, I was traveling with the camera half the night, despite the damp cold, to enjoy this opportunity and get the most out of it. And the following days gave me right, the next morning the sky looked like a gray card, and on the following days there was a beautiful spring weather in December with a blue sky and sunshine.

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Ciao a tuti

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Venice photos without tourists – is it possible?
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